Nescafé Frappe


If you’ve ever visited Greece then you probably know about Nescafé Frappe. If you haven’t, let me tell you about it. Read on.

Nescafé Frappe is a cold, frothy, delicious drink made with instant coffee, water, milk, ice and sugar. The last time I had Frappe, it was 2005 while on holiday in Greece. I haven’t had it since and truth be told I haven’t thought about it much, until last Saturday that is.

I was at the beach and my cousin George asked if anyone would like a Nescafé Frappe. What, where, I thought? All enthusiastically said yes. He and his girlfriend proceeded to make us all a Frappe. It was that easy and boy was it good! Better than any iced coffee I’ve had here in the States. BetterThe classic Greek coffee drink and cheaper than the iced latte I had from Starbucks the following Monday. And that’s what made me realize we are missing out. I have since made a Nescafé Frappe everyday and saved myself $15 this week. Not bad, right?

I generally don’t use measurements to make a Frappe but for the sake of sharing a recipe, here’s my estimate of quantity for each ingredient. Make it however it tastes good to you. Add more espresso powder if you want it stronger, less if you want it milder, then adjust water. More sugar if you want it glyko (sweet) , less if you want it metrio (semi-sweet). You can make it black, just omit the milk. That’s the beauty of the Frappe, once you get to making it the way you like it, it’s so easy… and refreshing… and delicious! Here’s how you can enjoy one too!